Marie Ouellette

“The high quality of classes has remained consistent over the 4 years my son has been attending. He loves it!”

Jill Gaulin

“Highly Recommend!…Students learn patience, discipline, control, and artful strategy.”

Cole Sheerin

“Nick Cerio’s Kenpo is a huge part of my life. I’ve gone here for 7 years, and Shihan Steve is one of the best instructors and role models you can have.”

Amanda Zawalick

“Cardio kickboxing = Awesome workout! Steve will kick your butt into shape!”

Ashley Corby

“When our son first began karate at the age of 4 almost 3 years ago, we never expected his passion to grow this rapidly. He looks forward to his class twice a week and speaks so highly of his Shihan, Steve. It’s important for young children to have a leader that is strong in his skill and at the same time still provide a fun environment for learning while enforcing respect for not just the instructor, but everyone around them. We truly love and appreciate all that this family has provided us and look forward to a lasting relationship.”

Ali Taber

“My children have been students of Shihan Steve’s since 2011, and continue to love and grow their martial arts skills. Not only have my children improved their physical strength and overall fitness, but also increased the confidence and focus they need to do well in school and in life.”


Offering martial arts training to children, teens, and adults.